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Edison Serviced Accommodation

Edison Serviced Accommodation is now a welcome and exciting expansion to our host of property-related services within The Edison Group, offering only the most luxurious serviced accommodation packages at astonishing value, ensuring satisfaction every time.

Edison Serviced Accommodation, established in 2022, specialising in providing Luxury, Serviced, Residential Accommodation within the UK. Our hand-picked, dedicated, team of professionals have the requisite Property and Customer Experience Management background to be assured of providing the best possible service level to our discerning Clientele from the outset.

Providing a choice of outstanding accommodations in prime locations, all fully furnished, and fitted out to an unbelievably high standard, all with state-of-the-art entertainment systems and WiFi installed, and all offering exceptional value-for-money as well.

Our Client base only expects the very best, and at value-for-money rates too given our current economic situation, and we’ll be on hand to ensure everything is delivered as promised.

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