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Edison Group Investment Announcement

The Edison Group has announced a 50% acquisition of and investment in The Property Solutions Company with Edison Group CEO and Founder, Calum Melville, having this to say about the news

It’s exciting times for us here at The Edison Group. Although the economy is heading for recession we see opportunity over the next couple of years in particular for The Property Solutions Company. In our sectors we continue to see growth, opportunity and plan to make further acquisitions by the year end.

Calum Melville

The Propery Solutions Company founder Euan Martin, who retains a 50% interest in the company even after the 6-figure investment.

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The Property Solutions Company offers a range of property purchase, assisted sale, pre eviction, pre repossession options for residential and commercial property sellers across the UK who may have a range of needs and challenges including selling within 7 days, which The Property Solutions Company provides as one of many services.

We’re delighted to be working with Euan, and have long been admirers of the simple yet effective business model he has worked so hard to grow and develop. We’re certain that The Edison Group can add value and help grow the business even more, and in this increasingly uncertain time we can offer residential house sellers some cast-iron certainty that they can not only achieve a solution to the problem but do so quickly.

Calum Melville

Immediate plans for the merger now that the purchase has gone ahead includes further complimentary acquisitions and supporting and working with existing Edison Group companies according to Mr Melville.

Euan Martin, founder of The Property Solutions Company, speaking about the investment: It’s exciting times for us as a company, we’re now secure and able to push on and expand in ways we’ve always envisaged. We’ve secured a great future for all our clients by this move, as well as now being able to offer our services to a wider audience.’

With this exciting move, The Edison Group have signalled their intention to play a major role in the property industry within the UK in the coming years.

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